2021 GRS, Fortune 500, Kids AOY Current results

(we will drop your worst event at the end)

2020 GRS Div final results

2021 F500 current results

GRS 2020 AOY pg1.png
GRS 2020 AOY pg2.png
2020 F500 AOY.png

Youth AOY 2020 final results

youth aoy 2020.png

2020 F500 Final results

current GRS AOY after July

web2021 GRS AOY After July-TEAM OF YEAR.png
2web2021 GRS AOY After July-TEAM OF YEAR-2 (dragged).tiff
web2021 F500 AOY after July -TEAM OF YEAR.png

 2019 standing

We will drop your worst of any of the 4 events for AOY points.  

FINAL 2019 GRS results 

IMG_5206 2.jpg

FINAL 2019  Fortune 500 results


FInal Youth AOY 2019


Boaters AOY FINAL results 2018

2018 Final AOY


2017 Kayak final AOY

2017 Boaters Final AOY