Sunbelt Valve Services Series                               Sept 19th & Oct 10th

Sept 19th -100% Customer appreciation event:

1,2 or 3 man standard GRS 2 fish format.

6:30am takeoff/ Weigh in 3-4pm

Weigh location -Want bait Bar & Grill --7827 2nd st. Hitchcock

Entry is $75 per adult/$35 youth 13-17yr/12 and under FREE.

100% payback.

Every 7 teams will pay one place Cash prize 

EX. 28 teams (1st-40%, 2nd-30%, 3rd-20%, 4th-10%).

EX. 56 teams will pay 8 places.

$50 per team optional Big Red division (70/30% payout)

               2 Man Teams - MLF style fishing (Facebook live)

*No need to giveaway your spots. Just video each caught fish in the boat or video the entire fight for your fans. Promote your sponsors.

*This practices the 100% best possible fish care technique  & ensures the future of our sport.

We will have a video on how to use FB live to participate in this event.  .

Up to date hourly announcements will show the score of the entire field.


DB#1 champions receive $1000 + choice of FREE entries to Texas Redfish Rumble entire Series OR FREE entries to Power Pole Redfish Tour April 2021 event to fish anywhere in Texas & 2nd place shall be

awarded $500 + the other Free entry not selected

OCT 10th Dragburner #1 event:

No ENTRY FEE if you participate in the Aug 15th Championship. $75 entry per person if you did not fish the above.

Format 2 man teams only, catch weigh and release *Your 6 best* scorable redfish (between 3.5lbs - 8.00lbs only) during the time period of 7am-2pm while filming each catch on Facebook Live GRS page. Closest to 48.00lb will be the winner.

Score tracker updates will be given hourly on the GRS FB page 

Minimum Prizes/Cash for heaviest accumulation of weight:

1st-$1000+ choice of Free entry into the Texas Redfish Rumble ENTIRE series or  Power pole Redfish Tour Tx event April 2021, 2nd-$500+one of the above series free events 3rd- (2) Fishstix

4th-(2)Oakley sunglasses. 5th- (2) Rtic 20 pack soft cooler. 

SCALE to be purchased thru GRS at a discounted price plus each scale will be tested for accuracy. Gambler Digital Culling Scale. 




$25 team administration fee for DB#1 event must be paid prior to event.

Dragburner events shall follow the GRS boaters rules with these exceptions


* No wading or stringers allowed.  All redfish must be caught and released on the spot.  Other species can be kept.

* Kayaks maybe used but they must be within site of each other at all times to video each others score able fish. 

* There is a mandatory FB Live online check-in from 6:15-7:00am.  You video must include: being on the water, introducing your team, showing your empty livewell, and all hatches open on your boat. 

* 6:45am is take off time for both events from the launch area.  Boats can be in the water beforehand. 

* First cast is at 7:00am.

* You must measure your fish on either a flat board or 1" slant board to make sure it is legal. It is not necessary to video      the measuring of the fish.  Any slant over 1" is considered illegal to use to verify true length.

* If you catch a fish under 3.49lb or a fish over 8.01lb, there is no need to post the video to FB Live.

* If you catch a legal 28" (or below) fish that weighs over 8.01lbs it is not scorable for this event and will not count towards your total.  We understand legal redfish can weigh more than 8lbs, but they will not count for this event.

* To video a scoreable fish, either one of the anglers can video each other. You also have the option of bringing an extra person on the boat to video. 

* You are only allowed to have a max. of 2 redfish on the boat at the same time.

 How to video your catch:

1. Go to the GRS Facebook page (GRS staff will set you up to post LIVE on the GRS FB page).

2. Go to CREATE A POST then click on LIVE VIDEO button below.

3. Click on START LIVE VIDEO when either fighting the fish in the water or when the fish has been landed on the boat.

4. You will see a red box on the top left corner that says "Live", and you are now recording.

5. Clearly say your names or team number  (ex. "Smith & Jones" or "Team #18")

6. Clearly tell us the time.  (ex. "It is 10:05am.")

7. Clearly tell us what # fish this is that is being reported.  (ex. "This is fish #3" if you had already filmed #1&2)

8. Power up the scale and video that the scale is at ZERO.

9. Weigh fish and lock in the weight. Show the locked in weight up-close in clear view, and say the weight.

10. Video the release of the fish back into the water.

11. Hit the FINISH button after you have completed all steps.  A check mark will appear once complete.

12. Find the options Share or Delete in the bottom right corner.  There is no need to check or uncheck any other options.

13. Click the SHARE button- your video has been shared to the GRS FB page.  Click the DELETE button to erase the video if the fish is under 3.49lb or over 8.01lb .  There is no need to post for non-scoreable fish.

(We will have multiple videos and trainings to go over all steps for FB Live prior to the event.)

In the event that you are out of cell phone service area, we will post a CODE WORD at the beginning of the event that you can use and post a recorded video of your catch that you were unable to post.  This ensures that all catches happen the day of the event. You must get in cell phone range and post all recorded videos before 2pm sharp.  This means leave the area you are fishing and get close to the dock to post.  Any videos posted after 2pm will not be scorable fish.


*Your videos will be retrieved & we will add to your online total score as quickly as we can. 

*Any of the these steps that are not clearly shown on video may result in a fish being non-scorable.