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Angler of the Year series &Tournament of Champions 

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                  GRS Angler of the Year 

The top angler will be rewarded for collecting the most points during the 2021 event season. You are not required to fish all events to win an Angler of the Year seeding but this would be beneficial in collecting the most points. 

An angler can fish alone then choose partners at a later date. Any team who who fishes will retain points throughout the year as long as one person (sub, capt or partner) fishes for that team. In the event a team breaks up, the person who has fished the most events or/and Capt shall retain the points. You can fish with any other partners. You can have as many subs as you need. In the event 2 anglers from opposing teams fish together, the angler with the most points previous to the event shall assume points. In the event of a tie on points, the team with the most overall weight for the 

entire series will be deemed champion.


You can drop ANY 1 event of the 5 events to calculate AOY standings.  Your best 4 of 5 events will count to AOY. Each place is one point.  The highest 4 series point total will be AOY.  Ex. 1st place is 100 points. 10th place shall be 90points, ect.  Closest to 400 points shall win the AOY title. In the event of a tie, the most heaviest overall weight of ALL events wins. 


The AOY will receive / Free entries to 2022 valued at $1500/ Name on the Perpetual Trophy/ Trophies/$800 CASH. 2nd place -$300 Academy gift cards.

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Fortune 500 -Angler of the Year

The Top finishing team in the point standings will receive a prize package of Free entries to the 2022 season, BAAD Marine 02 Systems, Trophies.  Same rules as GRS as above applies.

                Youth Angler Of the Year

The top finishing youth anglers from any division (points will be combined regardless if you fish GRS or Fortune 500), 1st will receive $300 in Academy Gift Cards +  AOY trophy. 2nd/3rd will receive medals

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