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GRS Boaters Division

GRS boaters Series Rules

  • Main stringer 2 slot reds

  • Artificial only

  • Teams must launch a min. 10' boat with transom and min 20HP engine at a public ramp or private slip

  • 1 or 2 man teams of any combo of am or pro

  • 1/2LB deduction per dead fish

  • You may keep a legal limit of any species including redfish.

  • Hands off measuring system with 1" slope, check stick perfect pincher and LED indicator light.

  • if a possible entrant has been DQ’ed by purposely trying to violate tournament rules or refuses to take a polygraph test in any other event, he or she shall not be allowed to fish in any GRS event.

  • After a 5 years time away from his or her violation, we will re-evaluate a possible reinstatement.

  • Any fish measuring 28" + must be immediately released into the water it came from.

  • The "silver check it stick" is the official measuring device of GRS. It is not required but recommended you use the same device onboard.

  • Before retaining any fish on the water, they must be measured by sweeping the tip of the tail to the middle of the check it stick on a flat or 1" slope or use the Check it stick perfect pincher" device that will be used at the weigh station on a flat or 1" slope check it stick to ensure that they are under 28". (use of a board slanted more than 1" shall be considered illegal to use to retain fish) AT THE WEIGH IN THERE WILL BE A MEASURING BOARD FOR YOUR USE OUTSIDE OF THE WEIGH AREA.  IT WILL BE THE EXACT SAME SETUP THAT WILL BE USED AT THE WEIGH STATION.  Each fish will be measured on a 1" slope back to front.  The nose of the fish shall touch the pressure sensor to light up the LED.  Once it is lit, the Check it stick perfect pincher will be slid up to the 27.5" mark on the board centered between the lines in the middle.  The belly of the fish shall not touch any sides. Fish will be measured belly to belly and not flipped. Small fish will be measured the same way except we will stop the at the 19.5" mark.

  • One angler must measure the fish while the other stops fishing to visually verify the fish is 20-28".

  • If on a boat, both members must agree the fish is legal before it is placed in the livewell.

  • Kayaks are not allowed at all in this division. You may NOT ferry a kayak in your boat.  

  • No fish maybe altered in anyway before entering the livewell.

  • Any fish that have cut, altered, deformed tails are subject to review by the GRS Staff to be disqualified or polygraphed. Result in failure of a polygraph in this matter will result in being banned from any future tournaments.

An angler has up to 2 minutes to measure a fish to let it relax to get its correct length. If it is not legal it must be returned to the water at that time. It cannot be put in the livewell until confirmed legal. An angler may only use ice to cool the water. Any prize exceeding $10,000 in value, the individual fish or stringer will be weighed 3x for official weight.  Baskets and scales will be cleaned after weigh 1,2,3.  All weights remain the same to award prize.

  • Ice maybe used only to cool down the water temperature in the livewell. If a legal fish before entering the livewell dies, it can be retained.  This is the only time a fish can be put on ice. If you are caught icing a fish to shrink it you will be banned for life.

  • GRS can be fished with 1 or 2 person teams of any combo of pro or ams.

  • All fish must be caught by rod & reel with artificial lures. All fish must be caught during the day of the event during allotted times. Adults can cast for kids but the child angler must reel in their own fish. No sharing or pooling of fish is allowed except in team tournaments. Any person fishing out of the boundaries will be disqualified.

  • An angler may only win one place per division.

  • If 2 anglers are fishing in the same boat they must form 1 team. 2 anglers per boat max.

  • Drones are only permitted for media purposes the day of the event. Media must be shown to the directors afterwards to ensure proper usage.

  • No radios or cell phones may be used to contact anyone or be contacted with ANY fishing related question/info until the angler arrives at the boat ramp.

  • Non-participants are allowed to be in the participants boats for media or child obligations.  They are not allowed to help in any way which includes fishing advice, handling any part of the boat or vehicle, handling any fish, ect.

  • Wade fishing is allowed but teams must arrive by boat to the location.

  • Contestants fishing as a team must fish no farther than 300 yards apart if wading from a boat. Competitive distances- waders or boaters must remain 30 yards away from another wader or boat in competition. Anglers must not exceed 5mph when within 50 yards of another boat. If closer, they must be OK'ed by the other anglers. Use courtesy rule with non-competitors.

  • Scented & spray on scents are legal for lure only events.

  • The boat operator may not consume alcohol until he/she reaches the weigh in parking lot.

  • Behind weirs/dams or private ponds or lakes are off-limits. Along with any locations that you know are off limits but may have access, or have fallen / removed signs.

  • Texas Parks & Wildlife’s regulations apply.

  • All winners will be subject to a polygraph test onsite or at a later date at the request of only the weighmaster, tournament directors or contestants before collecting their prize.

  • Protests made by contestants must be made no later than 30 minutes after the last fish are weighed. Written protest must be accompanied by a $250 deposit which will be refunded if the rules committee up holds the protest.

  • In the event of a tie, the first team to weigh-in shall be the winner.

  • Any angler not following the previous rules can be disqualified from this or any future events.  Anglers who post slander in social media will be banned from any future events.

  • If the weather looks inclimate, it is the anglers responsibility to check the website or call 832-646-3687 to see if the event is on. If you do not see or hear a message, the event has not been cancelled. If it is cancelled messages will be posted by 12am.

  • For questions during tournament hours up until the start of the weigh in, you may try to call Lance 281-639-8291 or Sal 832-646-3687.  All questions should be made prior to the event to ensure an answer to your question.  Questions on tournament day may not be answered.

  • The weighmaster has the right to retain any fish for further inspection.

  • Launch /Wade Areas Participants can use their own private boat slip or must use public accessible property - land or ramps. Using others private property is not permitted by boaters, waders.

  • You may launch before take off time but must stay within 50 yards of the ramp regardless of the length of the no wake zone if there is one.

  • Times There is no morning check in. Fish until weigh in.

  • Artificial only pier, wade, boat, rod & reel only. No natural baits are allowed on the boat or in possession during the event.

  • Weigh in site and times

(see NEWS/EVENTS section for list of weigh in site/times per event)

GRS boaters- 3:30-5pm

You must be in line with your fish or you will be disqualified.

  • Boundaries

Galveston Redfish Plus Boundaries shall be the Colorado river including the north Matagorda Jetty Northward to the LA/TX border which is all of Sabine Lake. As long as you can fish with a Texas fishing license and not require a LA fishing license then you are allowed to fish that area.   All Bayous/rivers/ponds in between these areas are permitted. Beach and Jetty fishing is permitted up to 1/2 mile off each structure for either event.

The northern LA jetty channel & Gulf side is off limits; Casting into bayous/creeks on the LA shoreline is illegal;


The Marsh connected to the NE Freeport Salt Lake is off limits.

No fishing signs
If there is a no fishing sign placed by a construction company then you are not allowed to fish that area unless ok'ed to fish that area prior by TPW. Signs in marshes on the Texas side placed by private land owners are legal to fish as long as you do not step on their land.

  • Capt meetings/Optional divisions: Redfish Capt meeting- Onsite registration will be at 7-8pm on Thur. Location listed on main page..

Capt meeting will start around 8pm.

There are no mandatory meetings but you must be there to collect gifts or participate in free raffle.  

The apparel gear will only be given at Capt meetings.

Tournament Directors:

Sal Bautista (832)646-3687 /
Lance Spangler -


GRS boaters Entry fees

Yearly  membership- $35 per angler

Adult entry per event-$150

Youth (14-17) entry per event-$75

Child entry per event 13 under-$Free

5 Bonus side pots-$25 per man

see payouts for details on bonuses

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